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Identity theft is everywhere. It’s the crime of the millennium; Job Function Email Database  it’s the scourge of the digital age. If it hasn’t happened to you, it’s happened to someone you know. Using Federal Trade Commission (FTC) data, Javelin Research estimates that about 9 million identity thefts occurred last year, which means that about  Job Function Email Database  American adults was victimized in just one year. So far – knock wood – I’ve personally been spared, but in the course of running an enterprise identity theft solutions company, I’ve run across some amazing stories, including from close friends that I had not previously known were victims. One friend had her credit card repeatedly used to pay for tens of laptops, thousands of dollars of groceries, and rent on several apartments – in New York City, just prior to the Job Function Email Database  attacks. The FBI finally got involved, and discovered an insider at the credit card firm, and links to organizations suspected of supporting terrorists.

So what is this big scary threat, is it for real, and  Job Function Email Database is there anything one can do other than install anti-virus software, check credit card statements, put your social security card in a safe deposit box, and cross one’s fingers? And perhaps even more important for the Job Function Email Database corporate audience – what’s the threat to corporations (oh, yes, there’s a major threat) and what can be done to keep the company and its employees safe?

First, the basics. Identity theft is – as the name implies – Job Function Email Database any use of another person’s identity to commit fraud. The obvious example is using a stolen credit card to purchase items, but it also includes such activities as hacking corporate networks to steal enterprise information, being employed using a fraudulent SSN,  Job Function Email Database paying for medical care using another person’s insurance coverage, taking out loans and lines of equity on assets owned by someone else, using someone else’s ID when getting arrested (so that explains my impressive rap sheet!) and much more. In the late 90s and early 2000s, identity theft numbers skyrocketed, but they have plateaued in the last  Job Function Email Database  years at around 9-10 million victims per year – still an enormous problem: the most common consumer crime in America. And the cost to businesses continues to increase, as thieves become increasingly sophisticated – business losses from identity fraud in 2005 alone were a staggering $60 billion dollars. Individual victims lost over Job Function Email Database each, on average, in out of pocket costs, and required tens or even hundreds of hours per victim to recover. In about 16% of cases, losses were over $6000 and in many cases, the victims are unable to ever fully recover, with ruined credit, large sums owed, and recurring problems with even the simplest of daily activities.

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