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SEO Research Result Unravel even more  Belgium Phone Number List secrets The research shows that there is a clear correlation between the link statistics of a large dataset of pages and the organic positions in Google. This gives a first Belgium Phone Number List indication of the importance of a strong link profile. This underlines once again that every SEO specialist must actively include the link profile in the plans and activities. It has already been mentioned a few times in this article, but keep in mind that we are talking about correlation and not  Belgium Phone Number List causation. With repeat surveys, we want to assess the same statistics per industry.

This way we get to see evenBelgium Phone Number List more relevant figures for those who want to get started! In addition, we aim to include other statistics in the calculation with a similar set-up. For example, what is the influence of Pagespeed or the increasingly important Page Experience, does the number of words on a page (indirectly) Belgium Phone Number List count and to what extent has structured data been applied? By also getting these statistics per page, we will hopefully unravel more and more of the secrets of Google’s Belgium Phone Number List algorithm! (Appendix). Explanation of the terms / variables mentioned What is Ahrefs Domain Rating? Domain Rating indicates

Belgium Phone Number List the strength / health of a website’s backlink profile, with a number from 0 to 100. The higher the number, the stronger the rating. The backlink profile of a website is compared  Belgium Phone Number List with the backlink profiles of other websites in the database. The Domain Rating is based on backlinks, both the quantity and quality of the backlinks affect the score. In addition, the Belgium Phone Number List Domain Rating is calculated at domain level, which means that the backlinks that refer to the entire website are included Are you targeting the German market with your company? 



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